Tel Aviv Is Sixth 'Selfiest' City in the World

TIME Magazine ranks the top 100 cities where the self-portrait snapshots are the most popular.

Tel Aviv ranked number six in a list of the top 100 cities in the world where selfies are the most popular, according to a survey by TIME Magazine. The "selfie" is a spontaneous self-portrait usually taken on a smartphone camera and uploaded to social media – most prominently Instagram.

Tel Aviv has 139 selfie-enthusiasts per 100,000 people, placing it in sixth place, just after Ptaling Jaya Malaysia, with 141 selfie-takers, and ahead of Manchester, England with 113 selfie-takers.

Makati City and Pasig in the Philippines, the financial center of the country, was named the selfie capital of the world, with 258 selfie-takers per 100,00 people. Manhattan in New York City came in at number 2, Miami, Florida at number 3 and Anaheim and Santa Ana, California at number 4.

To reach the top 100 list, TIME Magazine built a database of over 40,000 photos on Instagram that were tagged "selfie" and included geographic coordinates. A total of 459 cities were ranked and it published the top 100.

The "selfie' recently made headlines after the 2014 Oscars, when host Ellen DeGeneres snapped a record-breaking selfie with some of Hollywood's top celebrities that reportedly broke the record for the most retweeted tweet ever. In under an hour, the star-studded selfie had 871,000 retweets and 210,000 favorites.

It was later reported that the selfie was not as spontaneous as originally thought, with Samsung paying $20 million in advertising for its product placement.

Oxford Dictionaries named "selfie" the word of 2013. First detected in use in 2002, research shows that its use in the English language spiked 17,000 percent last year.