U.S. Reps Suddenly Creeped Out by CIA Spying as It Hit Close to Home

Dianne Feinstein of California accuses CIA of breaking law; 'Nixon stuff,' one rep called it.

Is America spying not only on the little man, but on its own elected representatives? Seems so. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California says it is and she's huffing mad, taking to the Senate floor on Thursday to accuse the agency of breaking the law and spying on Congress, the Huffington Post reports.

Feinstein should know, being leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In fact it seems a rainbow coalition of Dems and Reps were appalled by the fresh discoveries, with some suggesting CIA chief John Brennen should throw himself on his sword. "This is Richard Nixon stuff," Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told the press.

The elected representatives seemed more comfortable with the notion that America was spying on jes' folks, with top senators pointing out the value to counter-terrorism. So was Feinstein at the time, stating, "It's called protecting America."

Now she seems less sanguine about the invasive practice, though to be fair, she started to change her mind upon the disclosure that America had been eavesdropping on foreign leaders. (Israelis found the whole thing amusing – of course America listens to foreign leaders, who doesn't?)

Mike Lee, the Republican senator from the ultra-conservative state of Utah, suggested to the HuffPo that the reps may have seen the light: "I think when it happens to them, it certainly demonstrates that this is more than just a hypothetical concern," Lee said. "It helps bring the issue home, it helps bring the issue into perspective."