Gettin' Fit at the Oval Office

Obama and Biden Star in Workout Video

Video is part of Michelle Obama's Let’s Move campaign to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle among children.

It helps to have a house the size of a few football fields to run in, but U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden believe that everyone should do it – and they've created a video to show us how.

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Part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” fitness campaign, the clip opens with Obama sitting in the Oval Office, checking his watch. Then Biden walks in.

“Mr. President, are you ready to move?” Biden asks.

"Absolutely," Obama says.

The two leaders of the Western world jog through the White House hallways, past dogs Sunny and Bo, and along the building’s exterior as workout music plays. They stretch before walking back inside.

“Man, you’re hard to keep up with,” Biden says.

Obama pours two glasses of water. “After a good workout, gotta drink up,” he says, “otherwise we’re gonna get in trouble with Jill and Michelle.”

The Let’s Move campaign is designed to fight obesity among children by promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

The first lady appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week and promised viewers that she'd get the president and Biden "to show us how it's done," if viewers gave the campaign enough coverage on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Apparently they did just that, because the video of Obama and Biden went up on the campaign's website last Friday.