Austrian Far-right Politician Compares Protest Against His Party to Kristallnacht

Editorial cartoon criticizes demonstration that smashed windows at party ball last month, with caption reading 'Kristallnacht 2014.'

A magazine published by a leading Austrian far-right politician has compared a demonstration held against a party event to Kristallnacht, a series of coordinated attacks against Jews that occurred in 1938 in Nazi Germany and Austria.

Last month, a demonstration against the ball being held in Vienna by Austria's right-wing Freedom Party smashed store windows.

A cartoon in Zur Zeit magazine published by Andreas Moelzer, the leading Freedom Party candidate for the EU parliament, shows explosions through a window and Austria's chancellor and his deputy blaming each other for the chaotic situation.

A caption reads "Kristallnacht 2014."

Dozens of Jews were killed during Kristallnacht, or Night of the Broken Glass, and 30,000 were sent to concentration camps. Jewish property was destroyed and vandalized.