The Book That Shook France: 'This Has Nothing to Do With May '68. Incest Is Everywhere'

Camille Kouchner's new book - in which she accuses the jurist and media personality Olivier Duhamel of raping his stepson, her twin brother - sparked a #MeTooIncest movement in France. Now experts weigh in on the scandal: 'It’s true that in leftist circles there was great permissiveness, but molestation has always existed'

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Camille Kouchner
Camille Kouchner. Her book describes the mechanisms of incest.Credit: Benedicte Roscot
Gaby Levin

Some books shatter the silence. Vanessa Springora shocked France with her book “Le Consentement,” revealing her seduction at age 14 by the author Gabriel Matzneff. Now a new uproar has ensued over the book “La Familia Grande” by Camille Kouchner, who accuses her stepfather, Olivier Duhamel, of raping her twin brother for years, starting when he was 13. This week her brother “Victor” (a pseudonym) filed an official complaint againt Duhamel - following the national rage the book ignited.