Lockdown Is a Big Mistake: What Top Israeli Doctors Really Think About COVID-19

The country's hospitals are not collapsing, the lockdown does more harm than good and the policy for dealing with COVID is fundamentally wrong. An increasing number of senior physicians are convinced: Israel needs to switch gears in its handling of the pandemic ■ Originally published October 15, 2020

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Dr. Avi Mizrachi, director, coronavirus department, Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh), Tel Aviv

“There are immense gaps between approaches for dealing with the coronavirus, and the truth is not in the middle.”

Where is the truth, on a scale of 1 to 10?

“My impression is that if 1 is, it’s only flu and 10 is a colossal disaster, we’re between 2 and 3, at most. Ultimately, this is a viral disease, so there is a movement today that objects to its categorization as a pandemic. Our hospital deployed excellently to receive coronavirus patients, and even if their number doubles they will get optimal treatment. I don’t understand what my colleagues mean by ‘another X number of patients and we’ll be beyond our capacity.’ It’s hard for me to imagine a situation in which a coronavirus patient is hospitalized and doesn’t get the proper care, even if there’s an overload, or delays.”