Germany Is Going to Great Lengths to Revive Its Jewish Community. Is It Just a Façade?

Synagogues are being reconstructed, huge celebrations in honor of 1,700 years of Jewish history are being planned and new initiatives have been launched to integrate rabbis in the police and the army. Can the revival of Jewish life make Germany great again?

The Cologne tram with the Star of David motif.
The Cologne tram with the Star of David motif. Credit: From KVB's Twitter
Itay Mashiach
Itay Mashiach

BERLIN – A Jew who escaped from a sinking ship swims to a desert island and lives there for 10 years, until another ship finds him by chance. He gives his rescuers a tour of the island and shows them proudly the two synagogues he built. Why two, they ask – you’re here alone. “This is the synagogue where I go to pray,” he replies, ”and in that synagogue I will never set foot.”