'Zionist Pawns,' Old Prejudices and Pop Star Cabals: Inside the U.K.'s Big Antisemitism Blind Spot

Antisemitic thinking, fueled by ignorance or malice, surfaces with extraordinary frequency in UK public discourse, from lawyers to playwrights and pop culture. What's troubling is how many people don't seem to see the racist stereotypes and conspiracy theories staring them in the face

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What connects a playwright at London’s Royal Court theater, an indie rocker from the north of England, and a senior lawyer working for the University of Bristol?

It may sound like the set-up to a joke but, sadly, it isn’t. All three have recently displayed a remarkable blind spot for antisemitism, and provide an indication of how common this problem is. Our culture is saturated with racism, including racism directed at Jews. Sometimes these instances make headlines but at others they pass unnoticed.

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