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You may be surprised to find 'toast' listed as a meal on many a cafe menu. That's because it's not toast as you know it - think 'grilled cheese' instead.

Ruth Schuster
Ruth Schuster
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And here you thought "toast" was a slice of bread, browned or charred in a grill or toaster and slathered with your spread of choice. Or it could be a glass raised high to mark an event: "Here's to Yossi and his patent on an avocado peeler." In everyday Hebrew, however, "toast" is the short version of "toast gvina," a melted cheese sandwich.

Most restaurants will serve "toast" with a small side salad, possibly a few olives as well.

The Israeli "toast" is usually served in an Israeli "bagel". Which is nothing like a New York bagel, but that’s for another Word of the Day. Stay tuned.

So how do you say regular toast? "Lehem kalui."

Shoshana Kordova will resume enlightening and entertaining Word of the Day readers on October 9.

Israeli 'toast,' by which we mean grilled cheese on Israeli 'bagele'... by which we don't really mean a bagel.Credit: Haim Targan