Women Recount Harrowing Details of Sexual Assaults

Two teens suspected of raping Filipina worker, attempting to rape young woman from central Israel.

Kfar Sava police said Thursday that two recently arrested teens are suspects in numerous assaults against women in central Israel in recent months.

The two, a 19 year old from Tira, and an 18 year old from Jaffa, are suspected of raping a Filipina worker about four weeks ago, and of attempting to rape a young woman from central Israel in May. They are also suspected of robbing five other women. The two were arrested late last month.

According to the young woman, she had pulled over to the side of Highway 4, near the Israel Military Industries bridge, because of car trouble and was waiting for her friend to come pick her up when she was attacked.

"While I waited in the car I saw a car stop, and a man came out of it and began walking toward me. At first I did not get out but when he stood near the hood of my car, I went out and he started to ask what had happened to the car," the young woman said yesterday.

"He said that there was water near the trees and asked me to follow him, so I began to realize that something was amiss and the minute I stopped looking at him and began looking for my cell phone, I heard him yell, 'goddam you' [in Arabic] and he pulled me by the hair and punched me and pulled me toward a ditch by the side of the road," she said.

The police found the young woman badly beaten and she was rushed to hospital for treatment. "I could do nothing," she said. "He sat on me and threatened to kill me. I don't know how I had the strength because he continued to beat me, but then I shouted 'Here is my boyfriend, he is here,' and he let me go and ran."

Two weeks later the Filipino woman entered a car that stopped to offer her a lift as she waited for a bus near Tel Mond.

Several minutes into the drive, the car swerved into some fields, and she was raped.

"He punched me the whole time, and I tried to resist but I did not have the strength," the woman said Thursday.