U.K. Woman Tried to Smuggle Cash to Jihadists in Her Underwear

Nawal Msaad was stopped at Heathrow Airport with 20,000 euros, allegedly for Islamic fighters in Syria.

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British jihadists in an Islamic State video.

A 27-year-old woman is on trial in London on charges of trying to smuggle 20,000 euros (93,000 shekels) in her underwear to jihadists fighting in Syria.

Nawal Msaad was stopped by police at Heathrow Airport in January 16 this year as she was attempting to leave the United Kingdom. She told them that she was going on a three-day trip to Istanbul to buy gold for her mother, according to Sky News.

However, when taken to a private room, "she pulled a roll of banknotes from inside her underwear and handed it across to the officers, "according to prosecutor Mark Dennis. The banknotes were tightly rolled and were wrapped in cling film.

"It would appear that it would have been further hidden inside her body, wrapped in a condom," Dennis added.

The prosecution maintains that Msaad was taking the money to Turkey on behalf of a friend, whose Muslim-convert husband, Aine Davis, left London last July to join the jihadists.

Both Msaad and her friend, Amal El-Wahabi, are accused of funding terrorism, a charge they deny.

"It is alleged in this case that the money that the second defendant was attempting to take out to Turkey was money that had been raised in this country and had been destined to support the jihadist cause which Davis was now pursuing with like-minded supporters," Dennis said.

"The allegation in this case is that each defendant, when becoming concerned in the arrangement of the smuggling of this money to Turkey at the behest of Davis, knew of, at the very least had reasonable cause to suspect, that the money was or might be used for the purposes of terrorism."

Msaad refused to explain the source of the money after her arrest and denied knowledge of any terrorist activities or their funding.

But videos sent to her by Davis, including one of a "boy martyr" holding a Kalashnikov, were found on her mobile phone.