Woman Arrested for Abandoning Baby in Park Near Home, Stabbing Husband

A court yesterday extended the remand of a woman who allegedly abandoned her infant son in a park after stabbing her husband.

The alleged assault occured while the man was holding the infant, during an argument over the weekend.

The woman is also suspected of stabbing the 16-year-old daughter of family friends who had been letting the couple live in their home.

The woman will remain in jail until tomorrow. The court has placed a gag order on other details about the case.

According to a Petah Tikva police investigator, authorities received a report about an argument at a home in central Israel. The woman filed the initial report, the investigator told the court during the hearing.

The incident took place at the friends' home.

"An altercation began between the suspect and the 16-year-old minor, and the suspect's husband intervened to defend the minor," said investigator Shay Gez. "She became angry and attacked him, trying to stab him while he was holding the baby. He overpowered her, but the 16-year-old girl was stabbed during the struggle."

The woman then allegedly wrested the baby from her husband's hands and fled the home. When she returned, she yelled to her husband that she had left the baby in a park near a local school.

"The father could see from the window that she returned without the boy, and he went to the park and found him wearing only a diaper, covered in dirt and leaves," Gez said. "He told the 16-year-old girl that he found the baby inside a bag, but now he denies this."

The investigator said that police suspect the baby was left in the park for 30 minutes.