With Talks Still Stuck, Doctors Resume Strikes

Disruptions across the public health system expected on Monday.

Medical doctors will resume striking Monday, with disruptions across the public health system expected.

Hospitals and medical centers in northern Israel will operate on limited staff today, including psychiatric hospitals and geriatric centers. The same will apply for southern Israel and Jerusalem. All non-urgent operations and treatment will be canceled and only urgent care will be provided. Outpatient clinics, day hospitalization and institutes for medical examinations will be closed.

As ordered by the Health Ministry, first aid, maternity, and intensive care units will operate normally, and urgent dialysis will be carried out as well as urgent cancer treatment that was planned in advance.

On Tuesday the strike is expected to move to central Israel hospitals, including Sheba, Ichilov, Beilinson, Hasharon, Schneider, Wolfson, Assaf Harofeh and Meir; plus the psychiatric hospitals Shalvata, Geha, Pardesiya and Abarbanel.

On Thursday there will be no surgeries performed in any public hospitals except for urgent cases, or those involving the removal of cancers. All other medical activities will operate normally, including outpatient clinics and institutes.

The Israel Medical Association says it intend to continue its strike in this fashion until July, and then to seriously step up their campaign. In spite of the warning, there has still been no breakthrough in the negotiations with the Finance Ministry. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.