Windsurfing / RS:X European Championship

Mashiah prevents Zubari from getting bronze in tit-for-tat move.

Lee Korzits finished the medal round Sunday at the RS:X European Championship in Bulgaria with the silver medal she guaranteed herself on Saturday.

Eight years after winning the World Championship, she is back in contention for the London Olympics. "I went through a lot the past eight years," she said on Sunday after she finished. "I was up and down. I was out of the sport. My approach changed. I learned to love what I do. I worked very hard and enjoyed every minute."

Lee Korzits - Ziv Levanon / Ocean Nation - 19092011
Ziv Levanon / Ocean Nation

Korzits earned a NIS 35,000 bonus wit the medal and now holds a 20-point advantage over Maayan Davidovich in the race for the lone women's ticket to London.

On the men's side, the fight between Shahar Zubari and Nimrod Mashiah for Israel's lone spot in the Olympics in the men's Neil Pryde category intensified.

On Thursday, Zubari had tried to appeal a judge's decision to retract a major penalty against Mashiah that would have pushed him below the Top 20 at the championships. Sunday was payback time, as Mashiah blocked the wind from Zubari, preventing him from keeping up with the leaders. The move cost Zubari a medal, as he finished eighth in the race and fourth in the overall standings.

Mashiah, who finished 10th in the race and eighth overall, trails Zubari by four points, with three competitions remaining in the pre-Olympic season.

Zubari lodged a complaint against Mashiah's move, but the judges rejected it. Zubari argued that Mashiah deliberately undercut him, while the Mashiah camp, including his coach Gal Fridman, said it was a legitimate tactical move and that rather Zubari was the one who had acted unethically during the competition.

In the youth championships, also in Bulgaria, 18-year-old Laura Kishon won a bronze medal for Israel.