Leaving the Web: Will Turkey Ditch 'Www' for 'Ttt'?

Suggestion to detach the Turkish Internet reportedly made by the country's communications minister following run-ins with social media.


Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported over the weekend that officials are considering the establishment of their own "ttt" protocol, instead of the conventional “www” of the World Wide Web.

According to the report, Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan made the groundbreaking suggestion during an informal meeting with journalists in Parliament on Friday.

Turkish Daily News, on the other hand, quoted officials who denied such intention.

The Turkish government is involved in a bitter struggle with social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube, which, it says, publish "malicious" information about the government in general and about Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in particular.

"Instead of www, a ttt system could be formed. Turkey and other countries could establish their own domains. Such a move would detach the Internet systems from each other. This is a controversial issue," Elvan was quoted as saying by Hürriyet.

Elvan also said that Turkey was not the only country that was in favor of a new system, according to the report. "The only source address of social media is U.S.-based companies. That's why EU countries led by Germany and France also have problems with it... Social media should have a joint international text of rules like the United Nations Charter."

Elvan announced another novelty on April 17, saying that “malicious content” on Twitter would be pixelated by Turkey’s telecommunications authority following a meeting with representatives of the micro-blogging website.

“We have reached a consensus to ‘neutralize’ malicious content that is the object of court decisions by pixelating,” Elvan said in a written statement.