Whipped Horse Collapses in Haifa

A young stallion collapsed yesterday afternoon in Haifa, in the middle of the intersection of Bialik and Hassan Shukri streets in the city. Drivers and other witnesses said that the two teenage boys who were riding the thin, galloping horse whipped him until he collapsed in the middle of the ride.

The boys fled the scene as passersby attempted to aid the horse, who lay on the ground. Passing drivers offered water and food to the stallion, who recovered after about 40 minutes. According to an initial examination by Haifa's municipal veterinarian, the stallion had been seriously abused in recent months, with injuries to his back and to one leg. His physical condition is poor, as can be clearly seen by the bones that show through his skin. The municipality issued a statement indicating that the stallion is under the care of the city's veterinarian, and that a complaint will be made with the police against the owners regarding abuse of the animal.