Where Is Our Obama?

There are those in Israel who are envious of the hope Americans have not yet lost. It is not the hope of 2,000 years, which has already begun to congeal.

Two months ago, who would have believed that an African American could be chosen as a presidential candidate?

Granted, it was clear from the outset that the Bush-Cheney era would provoke a reaction and that lust for change would flood America from coast to coast. But very few predicted how far the pendulum would swing. Can we in Israel also expect to see the end of an era, ushering in new blood?

The enthusiasm will be hard to curb. Barack Obama will attract mass rallies, riding high on predominantly young shoulders and record voter turnout. Obama has already proved he is able to win in the East, West, North and South and in both Republican and Democratic states.

Black and white Americans alike vote for him, both women and men, Hispanics and even many Jews. They vote for him even though the ambassadors of evil frown at him, as if he were not really good for the Jews.

The candidate should know he has supporters here as well. It's okay to be friends with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and to help him with his public image, but it's more important to befriend Israel as a whole.

The candidate should know that not every Malcolm Hoenlein, who cares about us at a distance and online, truly knows what's best for us.

Instead of blind friendship in the name of Evangelism and the Bible, we prefer responsible, rational support that's also reliable.

And the candidate better not let himself be too impressed with protocols of the elders of Zion in the Diaspora, who see fit to blacken his name. For shame, we apologize.

Barring surprises, Obama will be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate and John McCain will be the Republican candidate.

Two decent individuals who attract mainly nonpartisan voters.

Obama made no attempt to disguise his opposition to the Iraq war from the outset; neither did McCain try to conceal his consistent support of it. It seems the American public has had enough of masked men.

Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney have dropped out of the race. Giuliani was mayor of New York City and Romney governor of Massachusetts - both liberal areas.

After they became presidential candidates, they changed their skin and pretended to be die-hard conservatives.

And who's still in the race? Reverend Mike Huckabee, who emits at once an air of eccentricity and integrity. And McCain, who started sinking when he stopped being McCain, and resurfaced only when he went back to being himself.

Americans are tired of those who don disguises, the reborn who try to reissue themselves and who emerge from the PR machine with face transplants.

When America chooses to rediscover itself, it picks candidates who don their true colors. When will we drop the chameleons from our menu? Where is our Obama?

A new hope as awoken in America. There is new life after eight years of self-loathing. There is flow after the ebb. And the whole world is watches in awe, at how kindling catches fire once more, lighting up hearts along the way.

There are those in Israel who are envious of the hope Americans have not yet lost. It is not the hope of 2,000 years, which has already begun to congeal.