'When You Bury a 13-year-old Girl, Winning Compensation Is No Victory'

Parents of Tair Rada, murdered at her Katzrin school, to get NIS 1.5 million.

The family of a teenage girl who was murdered at her school five years ago will receive a total of NIS 1.5 million in compensation from several government agencies, individuals and insurance companies.

The payments are to settle a negligence lawsuit filed by the parents of the eighth-grader, Tair Rada. The lawsuit accused various parties of negligence for failing to notice that Rada had not returned to her drama class after a break, nor did she ever return to get her backpack from the school.

Roman Zadorov, who was doing renovation work at Rada's school in the Golan Heights community of Katzrin on the day she was killed, was convicted of killing her and sentenced to life in prison. He has appealed his conviction to the Supreme Court.

The Nofei Golan school, which the 13-year-old Rada attended, will contribute NIS 210,000 toward the settlement. The Katzrin Local Council and the Golan Regional Council will also pay NIS 210,000 each.

Rada's drama teacher, Moshe Adler, will contribute NIS 20,000 to the settlement, since the girl was attending his after-school drama class when she went to use the restroom, where she apparently met her death. The Education Ministry agreed to pay NIS 225,000, and the balance of the NIS 1.5 million will be contributed by insurance policies taken out by the school's security firm and Keren Karev, the organization that sponsored the after-school enrichment activities.

A search for Rada began only much later, after her mother reported her missing. Her body was found in the school restroom that evening.

In response to the settlement, Rada's mother, Ilana, said, "when you bury a 13-year-old girl, there is no victory involved." The aim of the suit, she said, was to make those responsible for Tair's safety face up to their mistakes.

However, the settlement does not include an admission of guilt on the part of those contributing to it.

Zadorov is not a party to the settlement, though he was a defendant in the family's suit. Among the family's claims was that the school was negligent in hiring a contractor to do work in the school without verifying the background of those actually carrying out the work. Zadorov was in Israel on a tourist visa at the time.

The director general of the Golan Regional Council, Danny Rothstein, described the claims in the lawsuit as "fallacious and baseless."