What Should I Do in Case of an Earthquake in Israel?

In light of series of earthquakes that hit Israel recently, Home Front Command releases directives of how to stay protected during an earthquake.

The Home Front Command republished on Monday night its directives in case of an earthquake in light of the series of earthquakes that have rocked northern Israel in the past week.

"Following the earthquakes in recent days we wish to stress Home Front Command instructions for correct behavior during an earthquake," read an IDF Spokesperson's press release on Monday.

The directives state that citizens who are in a single-story house or on the ground floor during an earthquake must swiftly leave to a safe place, and should find an open space within seconds. If one is in a building and cannot leave quickly, the Home Front Command recommends entering a secure space, but leaving the door open. If one cannot leave the building quickly and there is no secure space nearby, residents should exit to the staircase.

The Home Front Command also instructed beach-goers to leave the beach as soon as possible, for fear of a tsunami. It advises to try to reach a distance of one kilometer from the beach. Those who cannot leave the beach area are instructed to find refuge on the fourth floor of a nearby building. The IDF stressed that no one should return to the beach for 12 hours following an earthquake.

Alon Ron