West Fighting Sex Crimes Across Board

The most extreme way to monitor released sex offenders is probably by keeping a sex offenders registry. Certain American states keep such registries, and in some of them, neighbors are advised of the offender's presence, according to a 2005 report by the Knesset's Research and Information Center. Canada also runs a sex offenders registry, but restricts access to it.

In some Western countries, sex offenders' imprisonment does not end when they leave prison. Some American states put violent sex offenders into compulsory rehabilitation programs or even forced hospitalization. New Zealand allows recidivist sex offenders to be locked up or monitored for life. Denmark enables unlimited prison sentences to be imposed on serial sex offenders who refuse medical treatment.

Sweden is the only one of the nine states examined in the report that does not monitor sex offenders. The rest either allow compulsory monitoring or condition parole on the offender's consent to supervision and restrictive conditions.

In Canada, courts can issue restraining orders keeping sex offenders away from minors' gatherings or swimming pools. In New Zealand, courts can order paroled offenders to wear electric ankle bracelets. Many countries forbid sex offenders to drink.

British courts can issue three kinds of orders against sex offenders: restraining orders - for instance, that forbid them to lodge with underage girls; orders forbidding pedophiles to leave Britain; and orders aimed at protecting minors from sexual assault.