Welcome to the New Haaretz

We are introducing a redesigned website and digital subscriptions on various platforms. What is changing and how it may affect you.

Welcome to our new website and to the start of a new era for Haaretz, the worlds number one source for news, views, blogs and features in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

Since we launched our English-language online edition more than a decade ago, a revolution has taken place in journalism, and the Internet has emerged as the most important vehicle for circulation and dissemination of news and opinions. As the publisher of Haaretz, Amos Schocken, recently announced, today, with the introduction of our new, multi-platform digital subscriptions, Haaretz will extend and deepen its world renowned expertise in news gathering and analyses to many new arenas that are of special interest to our English-speaking readers.

It takes hundreds of journalists to provide you with the best quality coverage of Israel, the Middle East and Jewish world. In order to improve and continue bringing you our award-winning journalism on all major platforms, we are starting to charge users who use our services extensively. We invite you to be our partners on this exciting journey. Sign up for your own digital subscription, and get the best that Haaretz has to offer.

New features

To help you as you browse the site, we have condensed some of our best content into a single feature - Haaretz Select. This section, which will include our premium content and in-depth material, is also available on Haaretz smartphone apps and the soon-to-be-released iPad edition.

Just above the Breaking News strip, you'll find another new feature called Israel News, where we will summarize the most burning issues of the day to give our readers easy access to our must-read content.

Next to the Haaretz logo at the top of the page, we will now offer a quick link to prominent magazine and feature pieces. Our editors will highlight a different piece for you every few hours, so be sure to check back regularly for any interesting items you may have missed.

We have also decided to combine the opinion and blog posts in a single section on the homepage, to give you the best of our writers' thoughts every day. We will still feature our bloggers in their own section at the bottom of the homepage, so you can see other items they may have written recently.

Haaretz's Daily Cartoon will now be available in a single click from the homepage. We are also putting more emphasis on graphics, with larger photos and more image galleries than ever before – especially on the redesigned article pages.

Digital subscriptions

As of today, Haaretz is now offering users different levels of access to our content. Registration is easy and takes just a minute.

Non-registered users will have limited access to certain material on the site. Items that are available to subscribers and registered users only will be marked with a key icon.

Registered users will have free access to our homepage, as well as to 10 full articles per month.

Subscribers will have free access to all material on the website and digital editions, including mobile apps and the upcoming iPad app. (You will be asked for $1 for the first month. Early subscribers will enjoy a one-time discount of up to 35% off the regular price).

If you've already signed up for one of our smartphone apps, you can automatically log in as a registered user with the same username and password. You can compare the different access levels using our product selection page.

* Please note: Subscribers to Haaretz's daily English-language print edition in Israel (Haaretz-International Herald Tribune) can access the site for free, using the code sent by mail. (If you live in Israel, you can subscribe to our English print edition, and get free access to Haaretz digital, as well as to the New York Times online).


You can send any questions or comments regarding registration to our customer service representatives.

Haaretz publisher Amos Schocken will be answering readers' questions on Tuesday May 15. Please send your question here.

You are also welcome to contact me personally with any proposals or thoughts.

We are looking forward immensely to these changes and invite you, our readers, to take part in this exciting journey.

Lior Kodner
Head of Digital

Haaretz Select Digital Editions
Roni Arie
Haaretz Digital Editions Inside
Roni Arie