Web Abuzz Over Soldier's Photos With Bound, Blindfolded Inmates

Photographs by a former female IDF soldier put on Facebook several days ago, have stirred up a web storm.

Photographs by a former female soldier put on Facebook several days ago, have stirred up a web storm. Among the photographs put up by Eden Aberjil, under the title "The army: the best time of my life," are ones in which the soldier is seen smiling near Palestinian prisoners whose hands are tied and eyes covered.

Responding to Aberjil's photographs, one friend wrote her: "You are most sexy like that." Referring to one of her prisoner subjects, the photographer mused in response: "I wonder if he is on Facebook?! I must tag him in the photograph."

The photo album has since been removed from the social network.

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Also visible in the former soldier's photographs were the field headquarters where she was stationed, with military maps and documents on the walls, including what appears to be classified material.

Aberjil was discharged from the IDF a year ago, and the army has no legal means of prevent her from posting her photographs.

Last year the army issued instructions to troops forbidding the publication of any photographs showing operational activities or from the inside of field headquarters. The Field Security section includes a unit whose task is to keep tabs on such incidents and, when sensitive information is identified, to bring in the Military Police.

Photo posted by an IDF soldier on Facebook

The IDF spokesman said in response to the photographs that, "on the face of it the behavior exhibited by the soldier is base and crude."

The head of the Public Committee Against Torture, Ishai Menuchin, said that "these terrible photographs reflect a norm in the way Palestinians are viewed, as an object and not as humans. It is an attitude that ignores their feelings as humans and their individual rights."

According to Menuchin, "it looks like the soldier who put up the photographs on Facebook enjoyed the humiliation of the Palestinians and ignored their right to privacy, while in humiliating postures .... We call on the commanders of the IDF to issue an order forbidding such humiliating behavior toward a population under occupations, and invest in educating the IDF soldiers to view the individual Palestinian citizens as having human rights."

Similar reactions were made by the Palestinian Authority official government media center, stressing that "the photographs reflect the behavior of the occupier who prides himself in humiliating Palestinians .... The occupation is not just, it is immoral, and as is shown in these photographs, it also corrupts and must be brought to an end."