Watchdog Demands TV Anchor Apologize Over On-air Faux Pas

The Channel 10 news anchor Sunday night followed a commentary on the ultra-Orthodox demand to move Barzilai Medical Center's emergency room over the presence of graves with an embarrassing slip of the tongue: "We'll move from Haredim to people," said anchor Ya'akov Eilon.

The watchdog Israel Media Watch has demanded that Eilon apologize on the air and has complained to the Second Authority for Television and Radio, which oversees the channel.

Channel 10 said the remark was accidental, and that Eilon meant to say "from graves we will move to people," but after commentator Raviv Drucker ended with the word "Haredim," Eilon became confused and switched words.

Meanwhile, Channel 10 announced yesterday the appointment of Karni Ziv, former deputy CEO for content for the cable company HOT, as deputy CEO for content for Channel 10. Ziv replaces Liat Feldman, who is going on maternity leave. Channel 10 said Feldman was offered a senior position in reality programming, but she apparently will not be returning to Channel 10.

"Karni's involvement will play a major role in the development and strengthening of the channel, Channel 10's CEO, Yossi Varshavsky, said yesterday.

Earlier yesterday, Channel 10 announced the appointment of Nadav Eyal as foreign news editor, replacing Nitzan Horowitz, who left Channel 10 to become an MK for New Movement-Meretz.

Other recent major changes at Channel 10s are the departure of its spokeswoman, Mina Siman-Tov, and the dismissal of the editor of the nightly news broadcast, Tali Ben-Ovadia.