WATCH: Obama Calls for Reconciliation and Tolerance in Rosh Hashanah Greeting

The U.S. President invokes the need to make amends for those moments when we may not have lived up to our values as well as we should.

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U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday issued his annual Rosh Hashanah greeting to Jews in the United States and Israel, calling for the need to “make amends for those moments when we may not have lived up to our values as well as we should.”

Highlighting the spirit of the Jewish tradition, Obama spoke of the importance of reconciliation.

“At a time when our public discourse can too often seem harsh; when society too often focuses on what divides us instead of what unites us; I hope that Americans of all faiths can take this opportunity to reach out to those who are less fortunate; to be tolerant of our neighbors; and to recognize ourselves in one another.

"And as a nation, let us be mindful of those who are suffering, and renew the unbreakable bond we share with our friends and allies – including the State of Israel.”

Obama’s message comes amid tensions between his administration and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the latter’s harsh criticism of the U.S. administration for failing to present Iran with so-called red lines.

Netanyahu had held an hour-long telephone conversation with Obama on Wednesday to calm things down following reports that Obama had rejected Netanyahu's request to meet when the prime minister is in the United States later this month.

The two are currently not slated to meet.

Obama in his 2012 Rosh Hashanah greeting.Credit: Screen shot