WATCH: New Israel Fund President Talia Sasson: We Are the Israeli Government’s Real Opposition

The head of the liberal NGO explains why the right wing is so eager to paint her group as anti-Israel; adds: it's the democratic right of Israeli NGOs to receive foreign funding.

New Israel Fund President Talia Sasson addresses Haaretz's Israel Conference on Peace, November 12, 2015.
David Bachar

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Talia Sasson is president of the New Israel Fund, a social justice organization that has been subject to no small amount of fire over the past several years. During Haaretz’s Israel Conference on Peace in Tel Aviv, Sasson sat down with Haaretz’s Aimee Amiga to combat the allegations of Israeli politicians targeting her organization, explaining why it’s the democratic right of a nonprofit to receive foreign funding, what makes her and her organization pro-Israel, and why Israeli politicians are so eager to undermine the New Israel Fund. Watch the full interview.