Waiting for Her Assailant - or for the Strike to End

A Haifa resident has been seeking to extend the restraining order against a neighbor accused of harassing her and her young son. The neighbor allegedly assaulted her, tried to torch her building's gas canister, and poisoned her cat.

The order is due to expire within days, and the woman has been applying to have it extended for two weeks. Now, her options are to sit and wait for the assailant, or for the end of the strike - whichever comes first.

She is not the only one. Arrest requests are taken care of personally by the court chief secretary, but other, less urgent matters have been delayed. "I have a client who was suspected of dealing ammunition," says attorney Muhammad Sabichat from Haifa.

"He was released on NIS 5,000 bail, which he had to borrow from his father. A few days later the investigation ended and they decided not to indict my client, but when we asked them to return the money, they said we need to wait until the strike is finished."