Far-right Activists Chant 'Death to Arabs,' Assault Passersby in Jerusalem After Terror Attack

Several violent incidents reported as hundreds march through capital, block traffic.

עכשיו במוסררה

Posted by Nir Hasson on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Several violent incidents targeting Arabs were reported in Jerusalem on Saturday night in the wake of a terror attack that killed two ultra-Orthodox Jews and wounded two others in the capital.

The incidents began after hundreds of far-right activists who gathered at Zion Square were barred by police from marching to the scene of the attack in the Muslim Quarter in the Old City.

The rightist activists dispersed across the city, chanting "death to Arabs."

Some activists, members of the far-right Lehava group, marched toward Jaffa Gate and tried to block traffic but were unsuccessful. A few of them then entered the Mamilla Mall and attacked an Arab worker with tear gas.

A scuffle broke out when members of the group stormed the nearby Rimon Café, seeking to attack Arab employees.


In another incident, an Arab man was attacked while driving his car near IDF Square. As he tried to flee, he hit a pedestrian, who was lightly hurt.

Shortly thereafter, a group tried to block traffic as it marched down Highway 1. When police tried to stop them, one of the protesters took out a knife. The man, 22, was arrested after dropping the weapon and trying to flee. Eight others were arrested during the protest. 

Meanwhile, border police patrolling the At-Tur neighborhood arrested a Palestinian wielding a knife. In a separate incident, border police officers fired toward a Palestinian who was aiming a firebomb at them. The police is searching for the man.

Two ultra-Orthodox Jewish men were killed and two others, including a toddler, were wounded in an attack in the Old City in Jerusalem on Saturday. Israeli security forces shot and killed the man identified as the terrorist. 

The two men were identified as Nehemia Lavi, 41, of Jerusalem and Aharon Bennett, 21, of Beitar Illit. Bennett's wife, 22, is in serious condition and their son, 2, suffered light wounds.They were evacuated to Jerusalem-area hospitals where they are receiving medical care. 

The Bennetts and their two children were on their way to the Western Wall when they were attacked. According to witnesses, Lavi was attacked when he tried to help the family. The second child, a few months old, wasn't hurt.