Veteran Television Personality Daniel Pe'er Bids Channel 1 Adieu

Veteran television broadcaster Daniel Pe'er, who made his debut on radio in 1962, yesterday bade farewell to his colleagues at a surprise party they threw for him in the Israel Television studios in Romema, Jerusalem. The Mabat evening news was halted especially for a live interview with Pe'er.

Stalwarts saying goodbye to him included Haim Yavin, Yaakov Ahimeir, Elisha Spiegelman, Dan Caner and Oded Ben Ami.

But despite the lighting and cameras and the invited journalists, Pe'er remained polite and reserved as he was in all the programs he hosted, from news through consumer affairs and "Wheels" (a car show) to the Eurovision Song Contest he co-hosted in 1979. Once, in 1983, he admitted he was "no Israeli macho...all round and no sharp edges, but I can't change that."

There was no stardust in the air. "Daniel Pe'er, like all of us here, belongs to a generation that took electronic media seriously," Haim Yavin said.

"In contrast to all kinds of pseudo journalism, pseudo entertainment, that we have today. By seriously I mean accuracy, responsibility, telling the truth. For Danny it wasn't only on the news but in everything he did on television, and it's a pity all that is lost with all of today's infotainment."

Asked which television moment he would take with him, Pe'er said it would be Saadat's visit to Israel. "That was a thrilling moment," he said.