Vandals Deface Graves of Yitzhak, Leah Rabin

Vandals yesterday defaced the graves of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and his wife Leah in the national cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, erasing their names from the tombstones and spray painting the words "murderous dog" on Yitzhak Rabin's grave.

Rabin was assassinated by right-wing extremist Yigal Amir on November 4, 1995.

Cemetery workers who arrived at the scene called police, but erased the hate slogans on the graves before police arrived.

Police are now checking whether security cameras filmed the vandals while spraying the graffiti.

Jerusalem police chief Major General Ilan Franco ordered an investigation into the incident and formed a special team to deal with it.

"Police aren't doing enough to arrest the painters of the hate slogans," Yahad MK Ran Cohen said yesterday. "The police chief must deal with this serious failure."

"We are not dealing with the perpetrators of the previous crime, but with the perpetrators of the next one," Cohen said. "If the suspects were Arabs, the police would have long found them," he said.

Over the weekend the words "Hitler - the brain" were sprayed on different graves in the same cemetery.