Netanyahu's Son Celebrated on neo-Nazi Website After He Posted anti-Semitic Meme

The son of Israel's prime minister has a new fan, the hate-mongering online blogger Andrew Anglin

Main banner of neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer praising Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israel's prime minister, September 12, 2017
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Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israel's prime minister, has a new highly controversial fan: the avowed white supremacist and online blogger Andrew Anglin.

Anglin runs the neo-Nazi news and commentary website Daily Stormer which currently features a banner praising Netanyahu and declaring the site as "The World's #1 Yair Netanyahu fansite."  Daily Stormer has been struggling to find domain names to host the site after U.S. internal domains banned it, and it had recently been dropped from its host in Austria. 

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Anglin’s Daily Stormer takes its name from Der Stürmer, a newspaper that published Nazi propaganda. The site includes sections called 'Jewish Problem' and 'Race War'

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The website put up the banner after Yair Netanyahu posted on Facebook a meme laden with anti-Semitic imagery to argue that a conspiracy is behind his family’s growing legal problems. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Anglin as an "infamous for the crudity of his language and his thinking, a contrast to his sophistication as a prolific Internet troll and serial harasser."