WATCH: Stephen Colbert Pulls Nazi Salute in Jab at Trump and Bannon

Late Show host Colbert ripped into Bannon for defending Trump's lackluster response to neo-Nazis violence

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Stephen Colbert pulls Nazi salute in jab at Trump and Bannon
Stephen Colbert pulls Nazi salute in jab at Trump and Bannon Credit: CBS, via YouTube

Stephen Colbert, the host of the Late Show, ripped into U.S. President Donald Trump and his former chief White House adviser Steve Bannon in no-holds-barred segment aired on Friday which ended with a mock Nazi salute.

Making a thinly-veiled reference to the Nazi "sieg heil" salute, Colbert lifted his arm as if to show how much Trump had taken the issue of neo-Nazi violence to a "higher level" as Bannon seemed to claim in his interview with 60 Minutes' Charlie Rose.

"He's definitely taking it to a higher level," Colbert shot back. "I'd say his support is about right up there, round around here," he said, raising his hand in a mock Nazi salute. "Or over here, somewhere up there," he added, giving another two salutes.

Responding to Bannon's claim that he's a "street fighter," Colbert even showed the former Trump aide as a contender in the classic arcade game Street Fighter, hurling Breitbart logos at opponent Chun Li and substituting the well-known "hadoken" attack cry with "Nazi-oken."

WATCH: Stephen Colbert pulls Nazi salute in jab at Trump and Bannon

"Deep state destroyed," the game announces when Bannon defeats his challenger.   

The interview has already casued a storm. In the interview, after Bannon expressed discontent from "guys on the far right" following Trump's decision to leave the future of DACA in the hands of congress, Rose confronted Bannon with his own Catholic faith.

Bannon responded with venom. "The bishops have been terrible about this," he said. "You know why...they need illegal aliens to fill the churches. They have an economic interest in unlimited immigration."

Colbert has been one of Trump's funniest and furious critics. On Wednesday night's show, the first after a summer recess, Colbert slammed Trump's recent tax reform pitch in North Dakota and his bizarre comments about his daughter Ivanka.

Colbert ripped into Trump's delivery of the speech, by speech, "I mean ramble incoherently until they turned his mic off." He then went on to joke about the details of Trump plan which included debating whether products should be labeled, "Made in America" or "Made in the USA."

"Yeah, we should definitely pick one — and then the Electoral College can pick the other," Colbert deadpanned.

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