Vice Reporter: White Nationalists Were Chanting About Jews, Not Confederate Statues

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Elle Reeve on "Face the Nation," August 20, 2017
Elle Reeve on "Face the Nation," August 20, 2017Credit: Screen grab

The Vice News reporter who documented the white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Virginia was on CBS's "Face the Nation" (a show Trump calls "deface the nation") on Sunday saying the marchers were chanting about Jews, not the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.

"Once they started marching, they didn't talk about Robert E. Lee being a brilliant military tactician. They chanted about Jews. Like, they wanted to be menacing. It's not an accident," Elle Reeve told CBS News' John Dickerson.

Reeve continued, "These guys didn't live together, hang out together. They just swarmed together online. And so this is a movement to hold physical space."

"Face the Nation" from August 20, 2017

"They've taken tactics from left wing organizers and show that they're strong and they have camaraderie. And they also are focusing on what they call aesthetics. They want to look middle class, successful, good looking. They don't want to look like the old, as they called it, white trash racist of the old times," she said. 

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