U.S. to Host World Summit on Iran, Middle East in February, Pompeo Says

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells Fox News the gathering, which will be held in Poland, will 'focus on Middle East stability' and making sure Iran is not a destabilizing influence in the region

Pompeo and his wife Susan pose for pictures with Assistant Foreign Minister For North and South American Affairs, Reda Habeeb Ibrahim Zaki and Charge d'Affaires for the US Embassy in Egypt Tom Goldberger, in Cairo, Egypt, January 11, 2019

The United States plans to host a global summit focused on the Middle East, particularly Iran, next month in Poland, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News in a report published on Friday. 

In an interview with the news network, Pompeo said the international gathering would be held Febryary 13-14 in Poland to "focus on Middle East stability and peace and freedom and security here in this region, and that includes an important element of making sure that Iran is not a destabilizing influence."

Israel has been invited to the summit, but th Prime Minister's Office had not yet decided whether to participate as of this article's publication.  

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Pompeo brought the Trump administration's anti-Iran message to Gulf Arab states on Friday as he continued a nine-nation tour of the Middle East aimed at reassuring America's partners that withdrawing troops from Syria does not mean Washington is abandoning the region.

Pompeo was traveling to Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates where he will call for increasing pressure on Iran and push for unity among Gulf neighbors still embroiled in a festering dispute with Qatar.

He'll also be promoting a U.S.-backed initiative to form what some have termed an "Arab NATO" that would bring the region together in a military alliance to counter threats from Iran.

Noa Landau contributed to this report.