U.S. Embassy Reassures Israelis Born in Arab Countries on Trump's Travel Ban

Washington has not cancelled visas to Israelis born in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen as long as they don't have a valid passport from these countries.

The U.S. embassy building is seen in Tel Aviv, Israel January 20, 2017.

The U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv issued a statement on Tuesday to clarify the status of visas held by Israelis born in Arab countries, in light of an entry ban issued by the Trump administration to nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries.

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The embassy said that: “If you have a currently valid U.S. visa in your Israeli passport and were born in Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen, and do not have a valid passport from one of these countries, your visa was not cancelled and remains valid."

It added that  Israelis born in any of these countries may still apply for U. S. visas.

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"Similarly, we continue to process visa applications for applicants born in those countries, so long as they do not have a valid passport from one of those countries and have not otherwise declared themselves to be a national of one of those countries," the statement said.