Twitter Suspends Unmasked Russian Troll Followed by Former Trump Officials

The account resurfaced weeks after the House Intelligence Committee unmasked it, 'proudly touting itself as a Russian troll in its Twitter bio'

This April 26, 2017, file photo shows the Twitter app on a mobile phone in Philadelphia. Russian agents on Twitter attempted to deflect bad news around President Trump's election campaign in October 2016 and refocused criticism on the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign
AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File

Twitter suspended a Russian troll Sunday night that had fooled thousands of Americans, including former prominent Trump administration officials, posing as an American conservative named "Jenna Abrams."

The account, which over three years had amassed over 70,000 followers, was revealed to be run the Internet Research Agency (IRA) by the House Intelligence Committee at the beginning of the month. The IRA is a troll army that reportedly runs over 3,000 accounts and is based out of St. Petersburg and is linked to the Russia government.

According to the Guardian, Abrams was an "alt-right" darling and posted race-baiting content aimed at stirring tensions around issues making headlines: “To those people who hate the Confederate flag, did you know that the flag and the war wasn’t about slavery, it was all about money.” Also: “I’m not pro-Trump. I am pro-common sense.” And: “Manspreading isn’t an issue. Stop pandering it into politics.”

"Jenna Abrams" had reportedly posted more than 25,000 tweets over many years before going dark after being revealed by the House as a Russian troll.  According to CNN the account resurfaced a week ago "proudly touting itself as a Russian troll in its Twitter bio."  CNN also noted that the account had followed by influential former Trump officials including Michael Flynn and Sebastian Gorka, as well as Flynn's son Michael Flynn Jr.