Trump on Building Wall on U.S.-Mexico Border: 'Walls Work, Just Ask Israel'

Trump repeated praise he offered throughout presidential campaign after a particularly rough week for U.S.-Israel relations

U.S. President Donald Trump and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, May 18, 2017.

After a rough week for U.S-Israel relations, U.S. President Donald Trump complimented Israel on Thursday for the way it has sealed its borders, repeating a phrase that he has used many times during the presidential campaign - "walls work, just ask Israel." Trump offered his praise during a press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, currently visiting Washington.

Trump has repeatedly praised Israel upon being asked about his plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He never made clear what exactly in Israel he was referring to – the separation barrier built in the West Bank that has helped Israel dramatically decrease the number of suicide bombings inside Israel's recognized borders, or the long border fence it has built along its southern border with Egypt. The latter technically isn't a wall, but nevertheless has been effective in stopping illegal immigration from Sinai into Israel.