Comparing Trump to Hitler Akin to 'Holocaust Denial,' Says Dershowitz on Fox

'Fox & Friends' was discussing Holocaust awareness in the U.S.

Alan Dershowitz: Comparing Trump To Hitler Is ‘The Cruelest Form Of Minimization Of The Holocaust'
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Renowned attorney and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz claimed on Tuesday, while on Fox & Friends, that comparing U.S. President Donald Trump to Hitler is akin to Holocaust denial.

The Fox News morning show was discussing Holocaust awareness in the U.S. when co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy said, “Some in the media have made a daring and dark comparison, comparing President Trump to Hitler. He was even accused of following Hitler’s playbook to divide the country.”

Dershowitz then jumped in adding, “Everybody is compared to Hitler. Everybody is compared to the Holocaust. Israel defending itself against Gaza rockets—oh, they’re Nazis.”

Alan Dershowitz: Comparing Trump to the Nazis Is Holocaust Denial

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Dershowitz continued, “Anybody who compares Trump or anybody else to Hitler essentially is a Holocaust denier because what they’re saying [is], 'well, there were no gas chambers, there was no Auschwitz, there was no plan to kill six million Jews.' They minimize it.”

“To say that anything that happened since then is comparable to the Holocaust and certainly to compare the American political system to anything that happened in the Holocaust is just outrageous.”