Trump Retweets Race-baiting Meme

Donald Trump began Thursday morning benignly enough but quickly changed his tone

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Trump retweets meme from Twitter user Jerry Travone, August 24, 2017
Trump retweets meme from Twitter user Jerry Travone, August 24, 2017Credit: Screen grab

Donald Trump began Thursday morning benignly enough with a tweet asking Senate and House Republican leaders to tie debt ceiling legislation to the Veterans Affairs bill. His second tweet, however, was a retweet of a meme from an account named Jerry Travone, a self-proclaimed, "YouTube actor, political junkie and proud Trump supporter."

The meme showed four photos of Donald Trump's image slowly eclipsing a black-and-white image of former president Barack Obama, under the caption, "The best eclipse ever."

Twitter users were quick to point out that Trump's retweet showed a lack of understanding of how eclipses actually work. One user wrote, "The absolute irony of a giant mass of cold darkness blotting out the warm, shining light." Other users jokingly hoped that Trump's presidency would last only as long as an eclipse. 

Others were quick to point out that the irony may have escaped Trump as the image was more to do about race and dog whistling to white nationalists than about politics or humor. 

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Trump follow up tweet was an attack on the media writing, "The Fake News is now complaining about my different types of back to back speeches. Well, their was Afghanistan (somber), the big Rally...(enthusiastic, dynamic and fun) and the American Legion - V.A. (respectful and strong).To bad the Dems have no one who can change tones!"

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