Trump Walks Back 'Chosen One' Remark, After George Conway Called Him 'Mentally Unstable'

George Conway, husband of White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, said Trump's latest comments add evidence to the fact the president is 'unfit to serve'

Trump speaks to the media as he departs the White House, August 21, 2019.
Jim Watson/AFP

The “chosen one” says never mind.

U.S. President Donald Trump raised some eyebrows earlier this week when he glanced heavenward and referred to himself as “the chosen one” to take on China.

He took the comment back Friday, days after critics claimed the incident was further evidence he was unfit for office.

George Conway, husband of White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway ripped into Trump on Twitter saying, "To @WhiteHouse Staff: Seriously, its time to call these guys. Time to get him in the chopper up to Bethesda."

He also pinned to the top of his account a tweet that read, "So, Mr. Vice President, members of the Cabinet, members of Congress, what’s it going to take for you all to acknowledge what you and we all know: that the President of the United States is mentally unstable and unfit to serve?"

When a reporter asked Trump what he had meant by referring to himself as the “chosen one,” the president looked annoyed.

“You know exactly when I meant,” Trump said. “It was sarcasm. It was joking. We were all smiling. And a question like that is just fake news.”

The president spoke as he was departing the White House for his trip to the Group of Seven summit in France.