Trump Is 'Mentally Ill' Says Former Vermont Governor and Doctor Howard Dean

'I’ve long believed the president is mentally ill,' Dean, who is a doctor, said in discussion hosted by MSNBC's Alex Witt

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Former Vermont Governor and Chairman of the DNC, Howard Dean, discussed U.S. President Donald Trump's state of mind after Republican Senator John McCain's funeral - saying he believes Trump is mentally ill.

“I’ve long believed the president is mentally ill,” Dean, who is a doctor, said in a discussion hosted by MSNBC's Alex Witt.  “And I believe narcissism overcomes his ability to know, A, what’s good for the country, and B, what’s good for him.”

“Trump has been an outlier since he’s been president and he’s not a particularly well respected person,” Dean continued. “He wasn’t very well respected when he was in business in New York and he’s not very well respected now.”

Dean is not the first to publicly question Trump's mental health. 

In her book, Manigault Newman accuses Trump of making derogatory statements about African-Americans, Filipinos and other minorities, as well as exhibiting "forgetfulness and frustration."

"His mental decline could not be denied," wrote Manigault Newman, who had been one of the Republican president's most prominent black supporters.

In 2017, twenty-seven mental health experts published a book titled, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, which became a best seller, that chronicled Trump's mental health and his effect on the mental health of Americans.