Trump, in Wake of Mass Shootings, Blames 'Fake News' for 'Anger and Rage' in the U.S.

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U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Panama City, Florida, U.S., May 8, 2019
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Panama City, Florida, U.S., May 8, 2019Credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

U.S. President Donald Trump attacked the news media in a tweet on Monday that blamed "Fake News" for "the anger and rage" in the United States - an apparent reference to recent mass shootings that stunned the nation.

Trump wrote, "The Media has a big responsibility to life and safety in our Country. Fake News has contributed greatly to the anger and rage that has built up over many years. News coverage has got to start being fair, balanced and unbiased, or these terrible problems will only get worse!"

Trump denounced the two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, saying “hate has no place in our country.”

Addressing reporters in Morristown, New Jersey, Trump said Sunday that “we’re going to take care” of the problem. He says he’s been speaking to the attorney general, FBI director and members of Congress and will be making an additional statement Monday.

Trump pointed to a mental illness problem in the U.S., calling the shooters “really very seriously mentally ill.”

He says the problem of shootings has been going on “for years and years” and “we have to get it stopped.”

The shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, over the weekend left at least 29 people dead.

A controversial clip from a May rally in Florida of Trump "musing about shooting undocumented migrants" resurfaced on social media in the wake of the two mass shootings.

In the video, Trump responds to a supporter at the rally yelling that U.S. Border Patrol should "shoot" migrants at the border with a smile and then cracks a joke. The exchange has found new relevance as the shooter in El Paso, Texas aimed to “kill as many hispanics as possible” and was motivated by a white supremacist worldview.

Trump jokes after supporter reportedly suggests shooting migrants

"Don't forget: We don't let them, and we can't let them, use weapons. We can't," Trump said. "Other countries do. We can't. I would never do that. But how do you stop these people? You can't."

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