Trump Blasts Fox News: We Have to Start Looking for a New News Outlet

Trump was apparently angered by a segment he said was 'heavily promoting the Democrats' and claimed 'Fox isn’t working for us anymore!'

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U.S. President Donald Trump. The UAE wants to be in the good graces of the White House even after he is no longer in office.
U.S. President Donald Trump. The UAE wants to be in the good graces of the White House even after he is no longer in office.Credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

U.S. President Trump on Wednesday tweeted that Fox News "isn't working for us anymore" and claimed his supporters "have to start looking for a new News Outlet" after watching a segment he blasted as “heavily promoting the Democrats.”

Trump tweeted, “Just watched @FoxNews heavily promoting the Democrats through their DNC Communications Director, spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchor, @SandraSmithFox. Terrible considering that Fox couldn’t even land a debate, the Dems give them NOTHING! @CNN & @MSNBC....

....are all in for the Open Border Socialists (or beyond). Fox hires “give Hillary the questions” @donnabrazile, Juan Williams and low ratings Shep Smith. HOPELESS & CLUELESS! They should go all the way LEFT and I will still find a way to Win - That’s what I do, Win. Too Bad!....

....I don’t want to Win for myself, I only want to Win for the people. The New @FoxNews is letting millions of GREAT people down! We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

Trump previously attacked Smith on Twitter in early August, writing: "Watching Fake News CNN is better than watching Shepard Smith, the lowest rated show on @FoxNews. Actually, whenever possible, I turn to @OANN!" 

Trump seemed to endorse right-wing One America News Network over Fox News in the tweet. 

In the segment that angered Trump, Smith was covering a recent speech by former Vice President Joe Biden. Smith said, while covering Biden, that in the U.S. there is an “unmistakable rise of white nationalism and white racism in America.” 

Biden's words on racism, Smith continued, are “calling us to our better souls, to recognize that white nationalism is real, that white nationalism is on the rise, that white nationalism is without question a very serious problem in America and beating down those who would help facilitate it and encourage it.”

Smith was directly contradicting Fox’s Tucker Carlson, who argued just a day before about white nationalism, that “the whole thing is a lie,” and that the idea of it is a hoax created by the media and the left. 

Carlson said that “if you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns of problems this country faces, where would white supremacy be on the list? Right up there with Russia probably.”

"Just like the Russia hoax, it's a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power,'' he added. "That's exactly what's going on."