Trevor Noah Calls Out Ivanka Trump: 'A Liar' Just Like Her Father

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'The Daily Show's' Trevor Noah slams Ivanka Trump for joining her father's administration.
'The Daily Show's' Trevor Noah slams Ivanka Trump for joining her father's administration. Credit: Screen grab

The "Daily Show's" host Trevor Noah ripped into first-daughter Ivanka Trump over the weekend for her about-face earlier in the week when she joined her father's administration after vowing not to.  

“Remember how Donald Trump and Ivanka promised they wouldn’t turn the White House into a mom-and-pop store? Yeah?” Noah quipped. “No nepotism. Remember that? Well, clearly, they don’t.” 

Noah was refering to a Wednesday announcement by White House that Ivanka would begin an official role as an assistant to the president.  The announcement came as the Trump administration is under fire for alleged ties to Russia and President Trump's poll numbers hit record lows.

So Much News, So Little Time - Nepotism, Impeachment & the Freedom CaucusCredit: The Daily Show

Noah slammed Ivanka by playing a previous news clip of the first daughter denying she would join the administration and jokingly saying she is only “going to be a daughter.”

“And a liar,” Noah interrupted the clip, mocking Ivanka's tone and smile.

“Look, we all knew that Donald couldn’t stand to be apart from Ivanka. In his four-year term, he was eventually going to find some way to bring her in. But two months? I’m shocked, two months in? This guy has the patience of a toddler,” continued Noah.

The comedian ended his segment with commentary on South Korean President Park Geun-hye's recent arrest after being impeached and removed from office on corruption charges.

“Wow, a president impeached, removed from office and thrown in jail. Imagine that,” joked Noah, “No, no, seriously, let’s all close our eyes and imagine that”

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