'Too Stupid to Be a Jew:' Bill Maher Rips Into Jared Kushner

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Monologue: Giving Hicks Hope | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Monologue: Giving Hicks Hope | Real Time with Bill Maher, March 2nd, 2018Credit: Screen grab

Bill Maher lit into the Trump administration's very, very bad week during the opening monologue of his Friday night show "Real Time with Bill Maher."

"So much crazy shit happened, I’m just gonna have to go through it chronologically," joked Maher.

The comedian started with the news of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks impending resignation. Noting that Trump’s "work wife, his emotional companion animal" will no longer be around to comfort him or "steam his trousers."

"All this scandal makes it very difficult for the NRA to run the country," Maher said gleefully, calling out the Republicans who feel betrayed by Trump’s shifting stance on guns. "That’s right, Republicans, it turns out there is a president who will ignore the Constitution and come for your guns. The one you fucking idiots voted for!"

Maher, however, saved his harshest commentary for Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, whose security clearance was downgraded last week. Allegations that Jared profited financially from his White House role also surfaced last week. "It turns out that every inexplicable fucked up thing that’s happened in the last year is really because Jared is trying to get $1.2 billion to pay for a building he shouldn’t have bought," Maher said.

"[Kushner] had meetings with two banks in the White House who gave him $500 million dollars and his security clearance has over 100 omissions and errors on it," Maher added. "I can say this because my mother is a Jew. He is too stupid to be a Jew."

"I want to see to see his birth certificate, I do. I think it’s gonna say, 'Birthplace: Alaska. Real name: Jared Palin.'" 

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