Step Aside 'Spicey,' the 'Mooch' Is Now the Best Impression Coming Out of the Trump White House

'Sex and the City' star Mario Cantone mocks White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on Comedy Central

The president welcomes the newest (and possibly the raunchiest) member of his White House team
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"Sex and the City" star Mario Cantone impersonated Anthony Scaramucci on the latest episode of Comedy Central's "The President Show," ripping into Scaramucci's now infamous lewd interview with The New Yorker and U.S. President Donald Trump's harsh treatment of his White House staff.

Comedy Central has been rough on Scaramucci since he became White House communications director, labeling him a "human pinky ring" - an apparent comment on his Italian heritage and stylish persona.

The sketch (be warned it has graphic language) skewered both Scaramucci and Trump for flip-flopping on gun control, abortion rights and gay marriage.

Welcome to Reality - The President Show Comedy Central

Cantone's impression was rife with profanity, joking, "There is an old Italian expression my mother used to use when somebody hurt her. She'd say, 'Stick the umbrella up my a-- but don't open it.'"