Pope Your Enthusiasm: The Best Viral Memes From the Trumps' Meeting With the Pope

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User generated collage of photos of Pope Francis meeting different world leaders
Twitter user generated collage of photos of Pope Francis meeting different world leaders, May 24, 2017Credit: Screen grab

U.S. President Donald Trump met Pope Francis, one of his most high-profile critics, at the Vatican on Wednesday. The meeting included the usual niceties: a photoshoot, a gift exchange and some scowling. 

Memes mocking the photos and videos of their meeting in Rome quickly surfaced online, with commenters poking fun at the Pope's lack of enthusiasm and what appeared to be visible annoyance.

The satirical Twitter account Seinfeld Current Day posted a video of the pontiff's disappointed face with the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme song playing in the background.

Another account, McSpocky, tweeted out a compilation of photos from previous meetings of world leaders with the Pope, with him smiling in each photo except during Trump's recent visit.

The Pope looks less than happy to be spending time with Trump in this snapshot video posted by Yashar to Twitter:

Lea Sheeran Tebow posted a photo of the Trump clan posing with the Pope, with the cast of the horror-comedy television show "The Addams Family" photoshopped beside them.

Another user, Benjy Sarlin, tweeted perhaps the most telling photo of all, with President Trump grinning beside a scowling Pope, saying: "*record scratch* *freeze frame* POPE: Yep that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation."

Trump and the Pope have expressed opposing views on issues such as immigration and climate change and the two men exchanged sharp words during the presidential campaign last year.

"SNL's Weekend Update" writer Peter Schultz probably took the cake with a tweet captioning the Pope's meeting with the Trumps: "I don't normally say this, but you two should get a divorce."

Update: Well, actually, this is possibly the best one of them all:

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