Temple Mount Tensions Coming to D.C.: Protest to Be Held Outside Israeli Embassy

American Muslims for Palestine call for Friday demonstration; similar events to take place in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles

Palestinian Muslim worshippers pray outside Lions Gate outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City, July 26, 2017.

The tensions over Temple Mount are coming to Washington, D.C., where a Muslim American group plans to hold a demonstration this Friday in front of the Israeli embassy.

American Muslims for Palestine announced the demonstration on Facebook Wednesday, under the title "Aqsa Under Attack." The event will include a prayer and a protest, which will be held a block away from the embassy building in north-western part of the U.S. capital.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, one of the largest Muslim organizations in the United States, has shared the post about the demonstration on its official Facebook page. As of Wednesday evening, a few dozen people are expected to attend the event.

Similar events are planned to take place over the next few days in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and possibly also in other U.S. cities, part of what American Muslims for Palestine is calling a "turn out for Al-Aqsa week."