Swastikas Painted on Virginia JCC, Police Investigating

'An insidious rise in hateful actions and anti-Semitism is happening in Virginia and across the country,' Senator Tim Kaine says in response

Police footage of neo-Nazi graffiti being sprayed onto the Virginia JCC.
Twitter / Fairfax County Police

WASHINGTON - A Jewish Community Center in Virginia was vandalized on Friday night and covered with neo-Nazi symbols. Some 20 swastikas were painted on the building, located in Fairfax, a suburb of Washington, D.C., and serves the Jewish community of northern Virginia.

Local police said they were investigating the event, which made headlines in local news outlets. They released snapshots of CCTV footage, showing the perpetrators in the act.

Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine responded to the incident by writing that “an insidious rise in hateful actions and anti-Semitism is happening in Virginia and across the country. We must meet it with fierce condemnation and an over-abundance of love and unity. We cannot allow hate to fester.” Kaine shared a photo of the vandalized building on his Twitter account.

A similar incident took place last year, in April 2017. Back then, both the JCC and a nearby church were covered with swastikas. The church that was vandalized, called Little River United Church of Christ, carried signs against racism towards Muslims on its lawns. Those signs were also damaged. The police investigated the incident but no arrests were made.

Other local politicians also condemned the incident. Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia wrote that “There is no place for the hateful act of vandalism at the Fairfax JCC today. Northern Virginia is a welcoming community and we must come together and condemn the rise of anti-Semitism.”

Eileen Filler-Corn, who represented the area in the Virginia House of Delegates, said that she was “shocked and terrible saddened” by the incident, adding that “our community remains strong and united. This does not represent our northern Virginia community.”