Stephen Colbert Talks to 'God' About Trump's 'Magical Misery Tour' of Holy Sites

Colbert’s God character reemerges to give his take on Comey, Russia and whatever Trump prayed for at the Western Wall

Stephen Colbert discusses Trump's visits to the world's holy sites with God in his May 23rd monologue.
Screengrab from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Youtube channel

Stephen Colbert, in his opening monologue on Tuesday, made fun of U.S. President Donald Trump’s tour of the world’s holy sites this week, calling it “Trump’s magical misery tour.”

Colbert’s ‘God’ character, which appears projected on the ceiling every so often to talk the host through moral problems, interrupted the monologue to discuss Trump’s holy visits.

"You pray with three major religions in one week?" ‘God’ said, "I don't know, it seems a little needy."

God Thinks Trump Is Getting 'Needy' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

When Colbert asked ‘God’ to divulge what the President had prayed for at the Western Wall, ‘God’ hedged. "Sorry, Stephen” he said. “Unlike some people, I don't give away top secret information from Israel."

Colbert then asked ‘God’ if all the attention was flattering. "This whole thing's just a distraction from the Russia scandal,” ‘God’ replied. “I mean, Trump even asked me if I could get James Comey to stop the FBI investigation."