SNL Asks: Is George W Bush Really That Much Better Than Donald Trump?

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Will Ferrell returns to 'Saturday Night Live' to remind America George W Bush was not a good president
Will Ferrell returns to 'Saturday Night Live' to remind America George W Bush was not a good president, January 27, 2018Credit: Screen shot

"Saturday Night Live" brought back former cast member and now fulltime movie star Will Ferrell to address to rising popularlity of George W Bush - one of Ferrell's most famous roles while on the show.  Recent opinion polls show Bush's popularity has doubled since his time in office, now residing at a cool sixty-one percent.

In steps Ferrell to try and remind the American public Bush was not so great with lines like, "Who has two thumbs and brought you ISIS? This guy."

“According to a new poll, my approval rating is at an all-time high. That's right. Donny Trump came in and suddenly I'm looking pretty sweet in comparison," Ferrell says as Bush. "At this rate, I may show up on Mount Rushmore next to Washington, Lincoln, and I wanna say Kensington?”

“The point is I’m suddenly popular AF.” - George W. Bush #SNLCredit: SNL on Twitter

"The point is, I'm suddenly I'm popular AF. And a lot of people are saying 'man I wish George W. Bush was still our president right now,' so I just wanted to address my fellow Americans tonight and remind them that I was really bad," Ferrell jokes. "Like historically not good." 

"At least the stock market is doing well. Have you ever seen a graph of the stock market during my presidency? It's the only graph that comes with its own slide whistle sound effect," he continued. "Well I'm no economer but even I know that was no bueno." 

The skit ends with Condeelza Rice, played by Leslie Jones, joining Ferrell's Bush for a sing-along rendition of "Those were the days."

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